Two Essential Reminders For Wearing Loose Tops To A Yoga Class

Wearing a flowing tank top or t-shirt to a yoga class is relatively commonplace, especially when paired with a form-fitting pair of black yoga leggings. Looser tops help to make up for the extra tightness from the leggings, giving you a chic and polished appearance that feels balanced. While they are relatively simple to pair together for an afternoon on the town, it can be a little trickier to know how to wear loose tops well when you actually attend a yoga class. 

Beginner yogis especially struggle with knowing just how to prepare for their first few yoga classes. A loose top can be a tempting option because of its fashionable qualities, but it must be worn properly to prevent embarrassment during the class. What do you need to do to keep your modesty intact during a yoga class? 

Keep these essential reminders in mind when you shop: 

1. Make Sure You Choose A Well-Fitting Sports Bra 

Many new yogis underestimate just how much time is spent in an inversion during the average yoga class. Even in relatively mild inversions, such as the downward facing dog, yogis hoist their hips high into the air while the feet and arms are grounded down into the mat. With your front half bent at such a dramatic angle, it can be challenging to ensure that your shirt remains put. 

That is why it’s critical to remember that a well-fitting sports bra should always accompany a loose-fitting top in a yoga class. Yogis who assume that they will remain covered throughout the class may not choose wisely in this department, leaving them scrambling to hold shirts down. It can lead to dangerous positions and compromising the integrity of the asana. You won’t be able to focus on going more in-depth with your practice if this is the case, so be sure to come to class prepared. 

2. Opt For Yoga Leggings With More Coverage

In a similar vein, yogis need to ensure their yoga leggings offer the best coverage, regardless of how much their loose-fitting tunic should cover. Inevitably, some pose will leave your rear end exposed or flash a little bit more of your tummy than you would like. A pair of high-waisted Capri leggings can make you feel more comfortable with stomach exposure. These types of yoga pants can help to conceal and smooth trouble areas even while in inversions. 

Yogis should also take care to only purchase yoga leggings made of quality fabrics. Cheap yoga leggings can stretch too thin during forward bends, allowing classmates to see directly underneath. A thicker pair of leggings that are designed to stretch generously throughout the yoga flow is the best option. 

Even if your loose-fitting top is designed to help cover up your trouble areas and offer modesty during classes, some poses will make that impossible. Make sure you plan ahead with these two top tips to keep yourself covered and comfortable throughout a rigorous yoga class.

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