Plants, Pots and Playlist

Starting out my athletic training career years ago, I owned a tiny workout room equipped with some dumbbells, aerial hammock, and a TRX. If you know anything about me, you know that there are always a million things and ideas running through my mind. Therefore, a place where I reside, work, or for that matter function, well in, is packed with meaningful tokens. I believe that things, too, each have their own story leading up to where our worlds collide just as people do. I might be this crazy hoarder lady, but to me, things give me energy for my future ventures.

As there initially might not be anything wrong with the practicality of the space, it still looked rather bland to me. I came up with a plan to complete it with practical items that will be different in the sense of being personalized. I’m not just doing my job. I like my clients to not only meet their short-term goals but learn more about themselves in their health quest so they can incorporate those findings into their daily routines. Healthy living doesn’t mean you go to the gym a couple of times a week. You don’t even have to go to the gym to lead a healthy lifestyle. Where you need to hang out is probably a farmers’ market and stores where they primarily offer non-processed foods.

You hear me and fitness enthusiasts like myself say a lot that health starts from within. It is a feeling of accomplishment and of being kind to the body you live in. The circle is concluded by you fueling it with nurturing types of food, bathing it with natural types of products and dressing it in outfits that make you feel beautiful.

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Sleep is something we too often rather take for granted. But a good night routine, leading to a night of better sleep, waking refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s tasks, is vital for functioning well. In combination with hydration, there should be nothing in the way of you reaching your highest set goals. Not to sound all boring and repetitive (again), but the number one concern with a healthy lifestyle are food and hydration. I moreover feel that when people eat well and hydrate properly (not excessively either), their skin has a fresh tone, and their intrinsic feeling more easily allows them to feel beautiful. Those are all the things I would preach about during my workouts.

While I feel that going a step further has always been in my nature, I like my resting sanctuaries (basically all the spaces in which I operate), especially my gym, to be welcoming and relaxing. I, therefore, incorporated a wide array of plants into it, which I decorated with the help of my clients. I started by DIYing with clients in their planning sessions. That way, they bring in a piece of themselves and a personal touch that makes the place even more inviting. I understand that working out for those who sign up initially is anything but enjoying. Therefore, I tried to create an inviting place for them to feel comfortable in.

Bringing in lots of natural light that reflect from the numerous crystals was another thing that I did in order to brighten up space. While colors matter, I prefer the muted tones and earth colors of my equipment. But I think one of the most important traits of any workout studio or space is the music. The people in the space need to connect with it to the point where it enhances their performance, deepens the meditation and pumps them up for heavy lifting kind of workouts.

Therefore, to all aspiring fitness coaches out there, I say, connect with your clients, know them and their preferences, and make them feel as comfortable as possible while doing the exercises. They sure are not enjoying the fact that they need to work out, but once they hired you, they are willing to adapt to their lifestyle. Be their best role model first. It rubs off in all the right ways.

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