Body Expression

“Your body is a precious gift. It is the vehicle towards awakening. Treat it with love.”

-Siddhartha Gautama.

Expressions are characteristics of people which reflect personality, culture, and education. How we communicate with the other is a process and even for many it is a challenge; the structuring of thoughts, sharing what we are through movement, gestures, looks, emotions, words, sounds, and sensations define our personalities.

The body is an instrument of communication used universally to create bonds and understanding between people and even species. Body language is part of our human and social skills that are deployed with the use of looks, postures, and gestures expressing what is in the mind of each being.

In the opportunity of expression, the different personalities of each individual stand out through artistic expressions such as dance, theater, painting, music, as well as sports, gymnastics, yoga and even in the way of walking, asking or displaying the tools and procedures of expression are valid to communicate.

Nowadays, one of the most used methods of expression and liberation of emotions is exercise, the art of exercising. Yes, of course, it can be considered an art to devote time to the strengthening, training, and conditioning of the body, since this will provide us with greater confidence and security of expression. Spending time with ourselves to improve aspects of our lives progressively increases self-esteem and positive communication with others. Controlling the movements of the body begins when the operation of the body is known if we are satisfied with who we are and what we want, and thus compression and communication is much more harmonious.

Observe yourself and inspire interaction with society by looking confident and comfortable with every movement, every smile, every look, and every step. If your thing is running, to release mental ties run and visualize yourself as the best runner using the right accessories, such as running leggings and athletic leggings. If your personality is more inclined towards adventure and interaction with the natural world, go for a walk expressing the joy of activating your body, breathe fresh air with the best outfit, with the best hiking shorts for women, or leggings and high waisted leggings (get comfortable leggings here).

To seek each day to be the best version of oneself, expressing what is really inside us, we need to walk with confidence in each step. That means moving the body with freedom: jumping, dancing, touching, observing. Fear and lack of interest are not limiting. Expressing with confidence and clarity is part of our duties as integral beings of the universe as well as selecting the best clothing to take care of the image we share.

The expression tools you use will be part of your decisions. The use of accessories, materials, garments, and everything that enhances your beauty, confidence, and brightness must be first class. The best gift of expression that life offers to us is to be present and able to give.

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